Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Round Up-100 years!

Saturday started out a bit damp, but quickly warmed up to tank top weather! All along the street were no parking signs and a man in a tow truck drove past often warning, "all cars parked along the parade route will be towed." He wasn't joking! After the rigs were moved, these guys came by to pick up the signs. The one the man is reaching for also had part of bumper near it. A lady came by and knocked it over, bumping off a piece of her car. She got out to put the sign back up, but didn't know what the black thing was. She drove off before anyone could tell her it was her bumper.

At the beginning of the parade there were 100 people on 100 horses carrying 100 American flags. It was pretty impressive! Rumor was that these flags were flown on bases overseas, but between you and me and the internet, the flags looked pretty pristine for being flown in a desert! After they rode past, a wagon of people came by. I don't remember who they were, but obviously a wagon was a great place to talk from!

These pretty horses have tiger stripes on their legs. It is a particular breed that I don't remember, but they were very striking. Almost as impressive as the band that played while riding horses!! Doesn't that tuba player look like he has his hands full? The people next to the players are leading the horses in case one of them takes offense at the odd noises coming from their backs.

These oxen were also very cool. They, too, have handlers in case of unhappiness. I was told by a fellow spectator that one year the handlers gave them too much relaxant (they have to because they can get a bit out of control) and the beasts lay down in the road and wouldn't move!
I also took a photo of this stunning black and white horse and rig combo because it was so pretty!

There were a LOT of horses in this year's parade. It is completely non motorized, although I did see at least one gator scooping! I liked the fringe on this one's harness and the large ones pulling the fake wool bags are very stately creatures.

These two signs made me laugh. The first one is on an oil rig proclaiming use in motor cars! The second is just funny!

I loved this little guy and his mining couple! Except the lady was way too far behind and almost as overladen!

And at the end, is the hearse! I am not sure I'd want to be carted around in a glass hearse, but then..I would be dead, so maybe I wouldn't care! Actually, the very last thing in the parade is a steam calliope, but none of the photos of that came out very well!

Oregon Live has some stats on this and if I knew how to post a link, I would do that! The hope this year was that the parade would make the Guinness Book of World Records for a parade with the most horses in it. And apparently it did. Don't know how many there were, though. There were 188 or so entrants in the parade and most of them were horseback or rode in wagons! Some of the more interesting entries were the rodeo queens from ages past. And many of them were still riding and they had on the most amazing outfits! The horses did not stand still enough for photos, though. And I am pretty sure the horses were not the same ones they rode from 1950 or the 60's!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Mtn Ranch (Jon's pix)

I figured that will all the interesting things we have been up to, it might be a good idea to post the photos that Jon took on our camping trip. Well, not all of them. I am just posting the animal ones..and well, one of Steve and I.

This deer photo was of the deer we saw on that first night. As you can see here, they were in a line: 4 point, 3 point, two point..and the last one did not get in the picture. He was a spike. So, as we keep saying-the deer are there. We only hope they stay til October when Jon and Steve will go 'hiking with guns' (deer season). The next morning, after the cows woke us up, Jon got up first and proceeded to wander around with his camera.

He found this teeny tiny frog that was about the size of his thumbnail..and took photos of it after he 'released' it.

He also learned where grasshoppers sleep.

This top one is guaranteed to make one feel VERY VERY small! It is where we are going to go for our Youth service next Sunday morning. It is on the 'upper place'. While up there, we visited a teeny pond that was so covered with water skippers it looked like a convention! Jon also found a Hairy Woodpecker. They look exactly like the Downy ones, but are bigger. Of course, on the tree, they look small!