Sunday, March 19, 2017

Winter Friends

In one of the versions of Beauty and the Beast by Robin McKinley, the main character, Beauty, asks the magic for birds. She didn't ask for moose, but I reckon this  critter could be the beast! Although, she is a very pretty girl. 
She hung out in the yard for quite a while. When I went down to get the paper, I noticed she had better traction than I did on the icy drive! She also nibbled on the trees she could reach on both sides as she strolled. I didn't take photos of her as she left the yard, I took most of these from the porch or close to the garage when I went out to get more seed for the birds. She may be a lovely lady, but she is not a tame beast.

 You can tell how deep the snow is here, There is a nice crust on top, but when you break thru there is powder underneath. I know this, I tried to get to a bird feeder mom wants picked up. It has fallen off the hanger. It is over on the lake side and I do not have adequate clothing to wade thru the snow and retrieve it. I can't even get to the larger feeding spot.
 So, I sprinkled seed on top of the snow. The birds took a couple of days to find it, but they have arrived. Wings of all colors fluttered through the winter background today. Woodpeckers, chickadees, finches, red polls, and grosbeaks graced the yard with busy cries as they rediscovered mom's place.

 The temps have warmed a bit. At least this week! Down at Station 2 in North Kenai (near the post office) it was about 27 degrees. But, the wind chill dropped it back to 19. Even the chickadees look unimpressed!
Mom is very glad the birds have come back to her castle. She has been watching the basketball madness in between long naps and enjoying being home.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Snow Niece!

OK, this first one isn't my niece, but it is VERY cute snow. Loved how his antlers turned into a sort of a curl! I took his nose and smile off before we left the house, but his picture will last for always! 
Lee, Janet, and JaLeen brought mom her dog, Obi. Mum was very glad to have her dog home, Mittens comes back on Tuesday. JaLeen played in the snow for a bit, so I took some pictures. I had thought about it earlier, but well, I don't have snow gear and that wind made it really cold! She looked like she enjoyed herself-the neighbors were out on snowmachines, too! They didn't manage to stay in the range of my camera so I could have both kinds of sleds in the photos I was taking. No matter, they'll be back!
This first picture made me laugh. She tripped into the snow as I snapped the photo  thru the glass. You can see her hair is flipped up as she dropped down. 

 She often turns from the camera as the photos are taken. But, I got a good one later on!!!!

 See??? Snow Niece!!!!!! What a cutie pie. Thank you for letting me watch you play in the snow today, JaLeen!!!!

Friday, March 03, 2017

A Short Display of Snow and Stuff

Will be heading out north on Saturday. Yes, mom is moving back home after a bit more than 4 months. It has been wonderful being in a house in town. The last time I lived in 'town' was in 6th grade. We were in a trailer park on Beaver Loop across from Borgan's. Not sure who lived in the BIG house on the corner, but that was town in 76. Being in the middle of town is different. It is pretty handy! I never thought I'd say this, but Kenai isn't bad at all!!! 
However, this sojourn has come to an end. It is amazing how much debris one can acquire in just weeks. I will get to wander a bit more in the snow, so stay tuned for MORE snow pictures from this great land!!!  (granted, you may get them all at once, but so be it!) The following photos are backwards,  from March 2 to Feb 28th  and back to March....or thereabouts. 

This one needs edited to remove the spots, but I wanted to make sure the sharp needle like tips on these icicles could be seen. Some may have been good for taking blood tests! 
 Alas, the guardians are collapsing under the weight of sun and wind. It has been VERY cold, in spite of the 'warm' temps. 28 degrees with a windchill of maybe 4. Deceptive.

 After the last really good blow and snow, I had to dig us out!!!! The snow was on the porch and I was fortunate a young man from next door asked if he could help. He got the drive and we met at the end of the sidewalk.
 There was so much snow, this happened several times. Not always in this spot, but in many other places in the area. (these photos were from the cell phone and might actually belong with the post below!)

We celebrated Jacit's birthday with cupcakes from JaLeen's! So handy having two kids born in the same week! 
Steve sent me a box for our anniversary and I got it on Dr. Seuss's birthday!! It had nice surprises inside! (Feb 18 was our 28th)

Not sure when I'll be able to update as the technology out north is less than stellar. Thankfully, it isn't dial up anymore!!! (that was 3 years ago)  Stay tuned!!! 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Loving Winter!

February is the bridge between Winter and Spring. It has hints of both, bordered by January and March. It is a short month and packs beauty and change in every second. One day will be sunny and warm, encouraging the tips of crocus to peep from the earth and the next will be flurries of snow and frosty windows. 
Here in Kenai, Saturday was lovely and chill. The sun created patterns on the snow, in the trees, and thru the icicles outside the kitchen window. Sunday was chilly and overcast. It created a whole different kind of lovely! Missing the tentative steps of early spring in Oregon, but enjoying my favorite season in Alaska. 

 Snowmen playing Blindman's Bluff....or just hiding?
 My horned snowman is playing monsters!
 Sunday, we noticed the icicles had frost!!! It did get to 30 F, though.

 These birds still startle me. WHY on earth are there doves in Kenai??? The white one was pretty, but sitll.....Doves??????

 The Kenai River is still and frozen, an empty stage waiting for the advent of fishing season.

 Frost flowers on tree bark-
 Crows and ravens are so different. Crows are raucous and loud and have no respect for anything. They are comedians and great fun to watch. I passed a house where a lady was tossing bits of bread out for them, we sat there and laughed at the silly black creatures fighting for morsels. Ravens are more dignified.

I'm glad I got out to walk this afternoon, it was cold and showed me so many beautiful creations.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Winter Claws

Mom and I thoroughly enjoyed the winter awning we had. Then, the claws appeared! 
 This is a fairly natural phenomena happens when winter combines with metal roofing. Jon, when I was telling him about these cool features, proceeded to explain exactly how they were formed. Or at least, it sounded plausible! There were distinct shades of Mr. Fairchild as he spoke...
The sunlight on the icicles reaching out to the house made them even more fun. 

 At the far end of the house, the icicles behaved themselves, for the most part. Hanging straight down, with very little curvature on their lengths. They were slipping out from under the awning.

At night, they were even more insistent about reaching out to touch the siding of the parsonage. 
They grew with the sun and hardened in the night. 
 After a while, some started to curve......

I had to remove some today. The ones hanging directly over the entry to the porch. When one of our friends stepped outside, I realised how close to her head they were. So, I broke them off and tossed them in the snow.  A couple of the more fantastic ones had became horns on the cyclops snow creature in the yard. 
I could sense someone crafting a frozen horror tale of  expanding winter fingers, creeping their way into houses and entering sleeping bodies with a cold, chill pointed death. Only to disappear in the morning sun. A tale of winter's last breath before the warmth of spring. If someone does write this, please let me know, I'd love to read it!!!