Monday, January 16, 2017

A Lovely Snowy Day!

I went out to mom's today. It kept snowing and snowing and by the time the afternoon was over, a stunning landscape was left. 

I saw a couple of moose on the way home, It was pretty slick in spots, not bad, but rather lovely! Now, enjoy one of my favorite stories!

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Sunshine and Snow

Was able to get out to mom's this last week.  I must admit, Stevie Veal's idea to stand up the yellow tires was absolutely brilliant. I think of this every time I look at the driveway!  
 The yard has tracks from dogs, machines, and people. I love the acreage the lake adds to the places you can wander. Soon, I hope to get myself out there.

 Mittens loved having people at the house for a while. I was also glad to see mom's cactus plants looking as well as they were.

Julie was and is and will continue to be an incredible help in getting mom's place ready for tenancy again. Then, we'll work on her dad's! (laughing!!!)
More snow and sunshine in the yard. It is magical seeing the  yard with the highlights created by winter.

 The start of the sunset in mid afternoon. So glad to have the days getting longer again!

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Water and Lights

 These are from December 31. I realise it was a while ago, but I've been sick.

 I went out on New Year's Day Eve to stand on the edge of the bluff over the river. The tide was coming in, ice was riding on the surface, time had not stopped.

 The river didn't care what year it was. The current wasn't changing because people around the Kenai were joining loved ones who had gone before. The water was steadily doing what it had always done. It was incredibly cold outside as I contemplated the lessons the river was sharing. The setting sun of 2016 on the moving surface gave me peace. I do not have a clue what this next year might bring. I don't know what will happen from day to day! Yet, the pattern of lights on the ever changing skin of the Kenai will always remain. The clouds obscured the mountains across the bay, but I knew they were there holding the Inlet in as it ebbs and flows and is. I scampered back to the house with my slightly frozen nose and more than chilled fingers, I was thankful for the steady passage of time. For what it has done and what it will do as it continues to keep to familiar patterns.

Later that evening, I went outside to look at bright explosions in the sky. I managed to finally capture at least one set of lights on trees at an office near here. They are bright green, red, and blue. This is the only one which turned out. 
When the major fireworks started, I ran outside again, in less clothes than I should have. (I had forgotten my insulated skirt, classic to usage in the northern climes!) I didn't walk to the bluff edge, but I thought about it! There were fireworks going off in every direction. Echoes of pops reverberated while I was talking to Steve. I was completely cold and in need of a warm shower when I got back inside. 
And yet, the Kenai River stayed its course and never wavered.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

December 25th, from Nana's Point of view.

Gifts around the tree (thank you to Loren and Lindsey for the tree!). 
 Jacit sliding a towel across the floor wet from feet and walker wheels!
 JaLeen is so tall!!!! Almost 12-
 Mom made an afghan. Jacit opted to keep it!

 I am not entirely sure what was going on at this point! I do know Lee was looking for the tickets he had purchased for the movie later tonight!
 Mom took some photos while I was taking mine---nice work!

As stated in the post below this one, I am super thankful I got to spend the holiday with the Gattenby family.

December 25th!

Lighted trees and silly presents hanging on the door (for Jacit) and next to mom's walker for mom! 
 Mike helped us get mom to and from the church  and Lucy read to us from 'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.' Lee was able to help spread care to a homeless man who stopped by the church. Janet had spent most of the morning cooking a lavish fun spread. She kept it warm in crock pots and it served up rather well!
 After lunch, we took a passel of pictures to commemorate the family coming together.

 (Yes, Lee is being silly!)

 (Jacit has a reflective label on her top!)

 Followed by the opening of a presents! Which, we learned form Lucy, are given to each other out of love.

 Sharing fun, laughter, and stories. A beautiful way to celebrate today.

I was thankful to be a part of this gathering of the Gattenby family. Usually mom is at their house on Christmas Eve and part of Christmas Day. I am glad we were able to be together.