Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A Whomping Birch?

It has been a bit breezy the last few days. Not bad, but enough to stir the leaves. Plus a bit more! I was downstairs last night about 745 pm and heard a whomp. Mom yelled at me to see what it was. I ran upstairs, looked out the door, and was greeted with this! Now I know a bit of how Ron and Harry felt when the Ford hit the Willow in that infamous incident in the second Potter book. YIKES!!!!! 
I am very fortunate I had driven the car earlier and parked it about 2 to 3 feet from where I normally park. It most definitely would have gotten brushed by branches! I texted our neighbor's and they drove over to check things out. They'll bring over tools later in the week. I'm just really glad their youngest mowed for us before the tree fell! 

The funniest thing. These trees below are the ones we keep an eye on. They list and bend and are dead from beetle kill. But, they stand season after season. The one that fell, it had some issues, but I never would have expected it to be rotten inside! 

 There was some beautiful lichen on it. I loved the shades in the different leaves.

 It really was rather close to the car and the house. We were fortunate. I remember once at Christmas when the guys brought home a GIANT Christmas tree. Jon said, 'it looked smaller in the woods.' I sort of have to agree. I have taken photos of this tree several times and had no idea it was as big as it was!
 Mom's little 4H mountain ash seems to be ok. I'll have to make sure the neighbors don't smush it while they are cleaning up the birch!

 I'm thankful our friend, Jim, took down most of the dubious looking trees last fall. I can't imagine the debris if those had been left! 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Birthday and What Not-

Jon retrieved all the parts to Steve's birthday present and left dad to assemble it while he went off to work again. Steve said it wasn't too difficult to put together, in spite of having limited directions! Moses managed to hop up into it (he's getting older and it is harder for him to move.), so as thought, the cat is very pleased. Can't you tell? 
Steve likes it, too! I purchased it off of Amazon from Best Choice Products. I ordered the stand and the hammock. Steve said it is still needs some work to make it tighter, but otherwise, I think I chose well! 
Jon also tried it out. (he was after starlings and it didn't work quite as well as he'd hoped)

While out and about, I was in line at Walmart and the lady in front of me was a bit flustered. It appears everyone comes to Kenai and fishes during July. I think she said this is Captain Andy Hillstrand. While at Home Depot, I parked next to a truck with the ornament below on the hood. (The lady inside was sleeping, so I snagged a picture of it) 

I also discovered Tillamook ice cream is reaching out in flavors. I didn't get one, but I was definitely impressed! 

 I purchased suet cuz the young woodpeckers were searching all over for something easy to snack on. This wasn't up for long before a couple landed on the feeder. I think this juvenile was with a parent (on the other side).
This incident actually happened earlier in the day. I didn't want to start out with carnage, though! I was in my room and mom called me to say a big bird was on the pallets with a duck. I ran upstairs and managed to take this one very bad photo before using my binoculars and seeing the duck just might be still alive. I knew it was a grown duck, which means there would be some defenseless babies out there. I ran down to see if I could scare it off. I did. The predator lifted the adult duck like it was a mouse and sailed off into the trees. I am pretty sure it is a goshawk. Unfortunately, most bird books and photos are much better and don't show the topside of the bird. I downloaded a bird app from the Cornell Lab (birding institute), but it wasn't much help. You post the photo and then it chooses a bird. I was told this was an American Crow. When I searched on my own, I read the goshawk has a long tail, is fast, can take down larger prey, and plucks the birds it kills. 
 The pallet and water were covered in feathers. Definitely a plucking situation. I don't know which mom was taken, I'm sure the ducklings are gone now. I've not seen many out there on the water. It has been 24 hours and nature is not kind when it comes to trying to survive.

Steve was going to drive the Mercury to the parade for Caledonian Days. I won't get any photos since Jon is probably driving a different vehicle (the fire truck). Steve was wishing someone could drive the Land Cruiser, but two drivers and 3 rigs means one vehicle gets to stay home! The were planning to take the Mercury to DQ on Friday. If so, it will be the first time for Jon to ride in it! 

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

catch up!!!

A bunch of catch up photos from the last couple of weeks. Lots of odd pictures of this and that and whatever else I might think could catch someone's fancy! Or at least mine. :o) 
I had gone to Kenai for the first go around to get my tooth mended. When I got back to the house, I found Rose had brought me a gift! It made my jaw feel a bit better, too- I love my new black hooded AK sweatshirt. 

 These two photos are a bit of the fixed damage and after--Yup, numbed that whole side! The assistant dentist person said the root had a sort of Betty Boop kick to it and that on a scale of 1-10, it the difficulty was about a 9.5.
 I did feel better by Solstice. So, I went off to the Inlet and watched the sun set in my new sweatshirt!.

While I was waiting, I sat in the car and killed one of the mosquitoes who had joined me.

I've never climbed up the hill overlooking this area. It was VERY steep. Unfortunately, most of the photos I took were washed out a bit. I needed Jonathan! 

And in a blaze, the season changed. 

July is full of blooms! The lilacs in Soldotna started first, but the ones in Kenai and out north are following quickly. 

 Mom's carpal tunnel surgery was in the hospital this time. She came thru with flying colors, as usual.
The rain stopped and the sun came out and with the blooming flowers are lush grasses. Which need cut! So, I did. This is the not steep part... 

Ducks are such amusing bizarre creatures. This is a Goldeneye. She is only supposed to have eggs numbering 4-9. I'm pretty sure she found a few more babies somewhere as they all didn't get in the camera frame! 

 This is the plane I watched on Tony's birthday. It isn't a very good photo, but at least this shot has it right side up! This is just before it went straight into the sky again.
Another fun photo that didn't get focused properly. This lady has only two babies under her wing. She was super brave and while I was reading in the kayak, she and her pair swam past a couple of times. 

Roses, twin flowers, everything is racing to bloom! (I don't have photos of the roses or twin flowers...) 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Photos from Jonathan!

The Mountain ranch-I forgot what day this was. Lots of flowers and I didn't download the one of the goats up there. Yup, goats. A lot of goats that are out wandering around very goat-like. 

Steve took both dad's to June's Old Iron Show in Pendleton. Bill Egbert's Merc and Rod's Toyota. 
Fun, fun, fun!!!!!! 

And his dad's tractor!

 They saw a lot of interesting things, as usual, and both Steve and Jon enjoyed a great deal of conversation about the Toyota and the Mercury.

Not many words, I'll let Jon's pictures tell what they can!!!!