Friday, February 17, 2017

On my nose and eyelashes....

Snow is truly one of my favorite things. Thankfully, I have had the opportunity to enjoy it many many times in the last couple of months. This picture was taken around 230 or earlier in the morning on Wed. Valentine's Day, there was very little new snow and it was sloppy out with rain. Early on the morning of the 15th, it started to snow. A lot. A lot of snow. It was sort of wet, so I managed to roll some balls and 'fix' the snow guardians who had pretty much melted away. 
Don't they look splendid?! I did put their pill bottle noses back, too. 

 The school next door were not able to use their gym, so they came outside and made snow creations. Sadly, the heads on this snowperson and another one were removed during the night. Rough neighborhood for snowpeople. (the flags and some of the other pieces were brought back in at the end of the school day.) The warm sunshine was nice to work in and I was able to clear off the car and most of the sidewalk.

One of the many fun snow moving contraptions used on the Kenai streets. Snow removal is a hot topic this winter! It has been a wonderful winter!!! The forecast didn't appear to call for too much more, BUT...............
 Before dinner, it started snowing AGAIN! Big, giant fluffy huge flakes. I was giddy with delight!
 I went out several times before 1030 to move snow off the sidewalk and drive. The warm day created a sheen of water on the pavement/cement, which was covered by the new snow and made things treacherous. You can see the newly remade snow guardians are now blanketed with white comforters. The following are random snow photos from my cell phone or the camera.

 It only snowed a few hours, but it was rather thorough! On Friday morning, I decided I needed to clear off mom's car. It started snowing again, but this time it wasn't quite as intense. I was able to get out and do some needed errands. I forgot the camera, though. Very glad I had the cell phone with me.
 The last photo is exactly why parking lots in Alaska are so large. It isn't because we are in the biggest state and tend to show off, but because a place to put snow is rather important! If you click on the photo and look at the light poles, you can see how much snow is piled there.
We have had some more snow fall, but it is a dusting on the icy way. I hope we don't get any wind, THAT makes a mess. The next few days show sunshine and cold days. It is gonna be gorgeous out there! 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Seasons of Mom

I've been coming up to Alaska for several summers now. Each one seems to last longer than the time I thought. Nevertheless, I take a lot of photos. Some of the pictures might even have mom in them. I wanted to share the ones with mom so you can see how much she has changed since the summer of 2014. 
 Mom and I got to go on a glacier cruise in Seward my first summer home. When I got ready to leave, JaLeen took photos of the three Egberts. I didn't add the one where she cut off our heads. Even it if is my favorite one!
 In 2015, I got to Alaska on Memorial Day. We spent Father's Day with Janet's family.

 I was in Alaska til October that year.
 My sojourn in 2016 started in mid July. Mom was going thru chemotherapy and it was not helping as much as hindering. Cancer is something I've never worried much about. I mean, Mum has overcome the big C for 30 some years. Chemo, THAT scares me to death.

 This was the last photo I took just before I flew out of Kenai. It was in mom's kitchen in Nikiski on October 15, 2016..
 I arrived back in Alaska on November 3. Mom was sent to Anchorage on November 6.  I took this photo in mid November. Mum was pretty sick.
 We were able to leave the hospital on November 26, after Thanksgiving. The plane ride was hard on all of us.We landed in Kenai and moved into the parsonage at the United Methodist Church. We are still at the parsonage on Feb 12, 2017.

 Christmas brought us Jacit. It was so good she was able to come and visit on mom's favorite holiday.
 We were able to get mom a hair trim in early January. I am entirely grateful to Tamera for helping make mom lovely.
These are all different photos taken in January. She is now sleeping in a bed and uses oxygen at night. I don't know how long that will last, but taking it one day at a time.

 Knitting chemo hats has always been one of her favorite things to do. I had to remind her I had put several patterns for this hat in her yarn boxes. She often has trouble remembering how to make them.She has made quite a few since the end of November. At least 10 or 12, she says she needs yarn she has at the house cuz she is running out. (the boxes here at the parsonage still look fairly full, but I don't know yarn very well)
 At the end of January, mom got to see her dog, Obi. He is staying at Janet's and she took him for a grooming. I asked if she would bring the pup by for a short visit. Mom was very glad.
This last one was taken tonight. Feb 12, 2017. She didn't have on her glasses and my smile looks forced.  I was reminding mum to smile. Smiletalking, it is photography thing!
Mom is wanting to go home and plant and sew and get projects done. She misses watching the birds, her pets, and she absolutely misses her multi channeled bigger screen TV.
  Where there is life, there is hope.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A New Coat of Snow and a Bright Blue Sky

There was supposed to be a full moon and a comet and something else. We got a lovely dusting of snow, instead. It covered my poor dilapidated snow guardians in a lovely layer of fluff! 
It snowed all the next day, too!!!! This is from the 10th. 
I decided not to go back out after my 20 min warming period! It had already covered what I had revealed, but I was COLD! 
On the 11th, Mum decided she wanted to go for a drive. So, we went north. We went to the house briefly and then down to Arness Dock and found this.
 This is a 'Jack Up Drilling Platform' next to Arness Dock. I  asked our friendly neighborhood Production Foreman/Platform Supervisor, Mike, to tell me a bit about these. Following text is fascinating to those who have no clue!

  Platform gets towed to the location of prospective well. Legs are clear up, not touching bottom. Platform floats. When in place, giant jacking mechanisms (think handyman jacks) jack the legs down. When the legs hit bottom , the continue jacking and platform rises out of water. It then becomes the basis for drilling 1 or more wells. If successful, they move the jack-up off location, and construct a production platform, such as the ones in the inlet , and drill more wells and produce. If it is a dry hole, they up and abandon, move off and save the expense of a platform.All our platforms are sited over holes drilled from jack-ups. It is staging there (at the dock). When the ice lets it, it will move to deep water and spud (start a new well!). On most of our platforms, each leg has 8 well bores inside them. The well bores are the well itself. Starts as a large hole in the ground. At predetermined depths, the hole gets casing (pipe) run in and cemented in place. Then, drill a smaller hole out of that and repeat. Usually start out with 30", then 20 ", 17.5" and so forth down to 6 " or so. That inside is the well bore. 8 is so we can have up to 42 wells per facility. To complete, tubing is run to bottom, fixed in place and the casing perforated with explosives, allowing fluid into well bore.32. Depending on number of legs. There are platforms of 1, 3 4 and, 5 legs. This platform has 4 legs, but capacity to only drill 1 well without moving. Once that well is drilled, and a permanent platform is set, a drilling rig or two is(are) set up on board These rigs can be skidded to each of the locations on the atfort and drill the remaining wells. Some will be oil production, some gas, some waterflood, and some, disposal. Cook Inlet Oil is 'Clean sweet crude.'

He shared a lot more with me, but that wasn't when I had paper or messenger!!! Cool stuff!

 Kind of blocks the view of the mountains. At least from the top of the bluff.
 Lots of ice out there in the inlet-

 After we got back to Kenai, I dropped mom off and got her comfy and left to go shopping. With ravens. A lot of them. Love these birds!
 Back at the house, I photographed footprints. These and the two under the birds are from squirrel. I know this because the squirrel was on the snow and I got out and took photos of the prints!

 Later, I got to attend a dinner and THIS was the dessert!!!!!!! The video is on  how to make your own decadent chocolate balls.