Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Scouts-one foot at a time

Books not to read before a snow camp: Into Thin Air. Jon's been reading this for English and snow and wind and cold toes were not good things to think about when experiencing it first foot!

They left on Friday night and it wasn't snowing....yet. It started snowing a bit after they tucked up in the tents and was still snowing when they came home on Sunday. Saturday, Jon's toes were pretty cold, but after rubbing them well, he was ready for a snow shoe hike.

Tents in the snow-just a little taste of home. And the boys thought they created a new snack, but if you visit 'Living the Travel Channel' you will see that Karla and Paul have already consumed beverages with noodles overseas!

Shoeing with Cameras-

It snowed for the entire hike, creating some really nifty snow shots!

A couple of the scouts took skis, but the majority were on shoes. Most of them went back after they reached a trail marker...but some continued on in the snow! (Jon was one of those)

Jon's cocoa was so hot it melted the frost around it. You can see how cold it was by the frost on the propane tank! More feet, resting after the hike.

Sunday the trees were beautiful, the snow was beautiful, but the boys were looking forward to warmth and dry toes.

Moses curled up next to the discarded shoes and socks on a thermal jacket liner when Jon got home. Jon curled up on the couch with a hamburger and polar fleece!

Saturday, January 01, 2011


December is over, but the memories are not! We had snow and no snow and then snow again. Of course, the snow that came while the kids were here ALSO arrived during our Christmas play. So, once again we had snow for the play. In spite of that, we had pretty good attendance.

Since we had some snow, Tony and Kym played in it. It was soft powdery stuff, but they made it work!

"it's not snowball snow...."

However, Tony's comment proved untrue as they tossed it all over the place.

Even inside the house-Welcome to all our friends!

The next day it was damp snow, perfect for a snowman and I made one. I did not get a photo of it earlier in the day, but by 9pm it was bent over in a goodbye bow! Yup, that snow lasted one weekend!

It all came back just after Christmas. A LOT of it. Poor Godfrey went from a thaw to being covered in fluff! We ended the year with a drop in temp that was not fun-in single digits!!!!!!