Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Very stacatto note

The bathroom is NOT done..I am painting the door and I hope the rest will be finished soon. Lots of trim is up, S has had to adjust for the sheetrock, but it is working. The roof for the brown box will be here by Halloween and the rug for the living room still has not been ordered. The rug man is pretty busy and still has to measure the room. Not much else to share. Yet. >sigh<

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's getting closer!

So exciting! The addition is almost all done on the outside and we have done lots inside. Inside the house, that is. Let me explain with photos!

This is the big, brown box..with a few windows. The long vertical one is the bathroom window (it will be fine having a window there Jake!) and the smaller one next to it is for the 'toilet room' and will be above the sink by a whole lot. The tiny horizontal one is in our closet!
Inside we have the interior of a box. On one side is the door that we added and on the other is Jon's closet door behind the scaffolding. It is a pretty nice room. Dark, but nice. We need lights!

Once inside the house we have had some painting done. Mark, who owns and manages Mark's Custom Painting in Tillamook visited for a bit and helped us out. (THANK YOU!!!) Lately, I have been painting trim. I didn't like the first color for the dining room trim and changed it to Peanut Butter. We kept the original color for the living room and it matches the curtains rather nicely. We don't have trim for the living room ceiling yet, but will get there eventually. The windows in the living room need all the trim fixed and I have yet to paint it. S has to cut it for me still!
The laundry room has a loverly floor..one wall still needs covered as you can see! Isn't that paper just ducky????? And the bathroom is practically done, it should be finished this weekend! Woo Hoo!!!

Other than that, not much going on! LOL. Bought some Eoin Colfer books at the book fair today. Lots of fun!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

More of our fall Medley

Well, S got his deer tonight. It is smaller, but deer season is over and we are very thankful. It is S's deer and J just finished it off...that is our story and we are sticking to it! (S is thinking to sell his rifle.......any takers?) I wasn't able to get as many photos of this deer as J had some unfinished homework that he needed some help with. But, J did take some great pictures up on the ranch.
And that is all for this part of October...things have frosted pretty hard. It was 21 degrees yesterday morning! So, the gardens are done and need composted. How sad. It was such a short summer compared to the coast...
Found some old Grace Livingston Hill books and am reading those now. FUN!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Deer Season, A Medley of Fall

OK, the first thing I need to note is that the camera is not working well..I have said this before, but it is very obvious in these photos. I don't have the ones S took up at the Mountain Ranch because his phone is not with me.
J got his deer today as a mentor hunter under Grandpa's tag. Grandpa can't really lift a gun anymore, so J did it for him. Part of the story-They saw the head and antlers of a deer. S shot and missed, J shot and got him. (He was interested to note that last year his deer was 10-7-07 and this year was 10-8-08.) Grandpa's comment was that J doesn't get too excited does he? S gets buck fever pretty bad, but J is actually quite calm. Which is why he got such a clean shot. It is a great story and you should hear it from one of the two sources. Three, counting Grandpa. It was one of the biggest white tails I have ever seen on the back of a truck..Grandpa said it will be a long time until J gets another one that size and he was proud to have given J the chance to shoot him.
As you can see, he has 3 sticky up points and when you include the eye guard and the other one, there are 5. So, if you talk to some persons, he got a 10 pointer...others will say it is 5. All in all, it is a pretty nice deer! Grandpa only gutted out half of it, S had to do the rest when they got home!

These are the gicky pix. On the second one you can see where J's shot went in and out the lungs.
(also note: it has a very thick coat of fat...it is going to be a cold winter!)

This guy was so large, S couldn't even get his hand around half of his neck! We are all pretty impressed with J, J is impressed, too!!! Thank you, God! Now, S needs to get a deer. We only hope its not a forked horn!