Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bacon Turtles!

I can now join those experienced baconneers who blog beautifully~Thankfully, there are so many bloggers out there who cover this amazing culinary science of mixing bacon and nature, I had a bit of trouble starting out, but with help was able to dominate! I got most of the information on Bacon Weave Turtles from

It was by far the most informative and helpful blog I found on the subject and rather than repeat Caroline's entire blog, I will add my own personal thoughts.

First: the burger. Our burger was elk mixed with an herb mix. I used way too much and have enough left over for an entire dinner when we are hungry again. Second: The bacon. Our bacon, as you can tell, is too thick for this project. Although, it is the VERY best bacon ever (raised by a friend and a neighbor), I recommend a less sturdy brand to weave.
After patting out two burgers I placed onion on one and a layer of cheese, then firmed them together. I wish I had a different veggie besides onions for a veggie in this delight. Grated carrots would have been really nice!

As our bacon was too thick to remain woven (I would not have had enough for one turtle, much less 3), I had to wrap our burgers. It was interesting and I used a great many toothpicks!
When I was done with the wrapping, I added the appendages. The eyes are cloves and I had to substitute hot dogs for the legs and tail and head instead of those lovely sturdy miniature sausage links.But, it worked. Well, except for when Jon took out the cloves and ate the head of the turtle. He didn't realise how strongly flavored cloves were!
Here are the three little guys pinned and ready for the oven. I covered them with foil since I detest the mess grease can leave in an oven.

Unfortunately, they needed longer to cook. So, I took off the foil for a few whiles and let them smoke away. I also should have turned them over, but I didn't realise that was necessary til they had already been served. The bottoms and inside bacon were cooked, just not as crisp as I would like.

Jon's turtle turned out so CUTE!!!!! I love how his mouth is open. Jon suggested they kinda looked like Muppets.
Here they are! An aerial view of our turtle dinner with the side of tater salad. I really wanted to make coleslaw, but I already had the taters, to this is what we got. Next time, I will do slaw. Veggies go much better with turtle.

The insides of the turtles. Mine just had cheese and Jon's (the poor thing was sliced and left gaping!!!!) had the onions as well. The bacon does not look very done, but Jon and Steve said it was fine...
All in all, it was a great deal of fun work and I'd do it again with less sturdy bacon. Later. Much much much later!!!!!!!!! I think putting them on a bun would have been overkill, since I didn't even finish mine! Jon and Steve felt a bun would have been a good idea, but we'll wait til next time.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

O, Spring, where is thy...spring?

Three weeks ago, it was lovely out. March 10th, I wore shorts and a tank top and did all kinds of yard work. I even moved the compost bin, which is where this first photo comes in. It appears that composting over here IS a more archaeological experience. This SunChips bag was put in the compost bin in the fall of 2009, I believe. I found 3 bags, this was the oldest one. On the bag it suggests it will compost down in a few weeks. I'm still waiting!
Then, the following week we got snow. Not too much, but my crocus which were just coming up got lightly frosted. Poor things.
It grew nice again and although this crocus appears to be sideways, it is not really. I took it that way! The white blossoms are thick on my verigated rock cress.
This week, I was able to get FREE tulip bulbs from someone's yard. I was so thrilled to dig them all up! It was raining, but I cannot wait to get them in the containers I have for them. I'm going to put them in the half barrels we got after one of THS's plays. Then, when I find out their colors, I will see where else they can go. At this time, they are still in the bag waiting to be planted.
Because, this week has been ridiculous! We have had rain and wind and yes, snow. My poor Shultz looks like a poodle!!!!!! And my crocus? They were not frosted today, they got buried! But, at least the fog we had last night was not freezing. I am not sure the plants could handle being encapsulated in ice, snow melts (and as of noon 30, it has!). It is super wet outside now and rather pretty with the sparkling water drops falling everywhere. So very pretty it has been, in spite of the strange weather!
Reading Anne of Green Gables, am going to find a Redwall book soon, and House Upon a Rock.