Friday, July 27, 2007

Flowers for Jake

OK, so Jake wants not purple flowers. I had to have some in the pictures because they are the ones that are growing like CRAZY, but the evening primroses and the roses look good, too. The last two photos are of different plants that bloomed at different times. The first one was around the 4th and the last one is blooming now. Other than that, have been cleaning up T's room and found LOTS of playing cards. However, there were only 2 or 3 complete sets. So, who isn't playing with a full deck? :o)
It was nice and sunny and breezy today and was able to hang clothes out to dry. Even washed my quilt..although, I know I am not supposed to wash it in the washer. I did dry it outside on the line. Made some rather strange crispy noodle snacks. They never did get 'dry'. I made them with chocolate chips and they set up well, they were just gooey, even after being in the fridge.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sunshine again!

Well, we had a week or so of rain, but it is now over and the sun has come out again. (Almost a song from Annie!) Everything grew like crazy. S has been mowing tonight and the garden needs weeded something terrible. My Himalayan (sp) Balsam are HUGE and full of bees, the swallows are all grown, and the butterfly bushes are blooming. My evening primroses look great, too. And I have even MORE roses budding and a sunflower came up volunteer in the rose patch!
We also heard from T. It was the token call home. Basic starts tomorrow. He said it was hot. (I can imagine. The humidity in Ft Knox said in the 90's and the temp tomorrow night at 10pm is expected to be 75 degrees. (ICKY)) It must be like Korea in the summer. Probably hotter, though. Outside of that, not much news from him. He said he'd write soon. I hope so!
Haven't gotten the HP book, but not a problem. Re-reading some Mercedes Lackey stuff. Have some more of hers on reserve. I love ILL. :o) Tillamook County Fair is soon and J goes to Scout camp and then it is Moograss over Labor Day weekend. OH-And I forgot the newest TAPA play (see link). Can't wait to see that one! Am also looking very forward to The Golden Compass coming out later this year.
Hey, Jake, do you read these? :o)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

He's gone, except in Pix.

Well, we took T to Portland with a dear friend. I was glad she was there. We went to Wunderland Arcade/Avalon Theatre. I had forgotten about that cool Portland spot. We wanted to see a movie, but missed most of them as we had to get T back to the hotel by 10pm. After we dropped him off, I was pretty sad most of the way home and then when we landed in North Plains the Oregon Ambassador's people had come home (See Mrs. Henderson's page) and N was there!!!!! I turned into a watering pot when I hugged him. (A small watering pot). So, then S got me a snack and I felt better. Food and tears. It helped a bit, but it still feels odd. J said it was very wierd because when he got up, T's door was open and it is NEVER open. I am washing clothes and bedding and stuff from his room. (Major work!). No wonder he left home!! We wern't able to do the cell phone thing. We just aren't educated enough in technology. We gave him a calling card, but it is a hassle to use. I only hope he tries anyway. I still want to send him a phone! I gave him some stamps, maybe he'll write. (B does, but we know where he is!)

I have a T spaced hole in my heart. Dean preached about a God spaced hole and how only God can fill it. Only T can fill this one. >sigh<> OK, this blog says it may not post. We'll keep trying!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

T leaves Tomorrow

Came into town for a celebratory cake. TMC decided to get a cake for T because he has spent much of his life in the is almost a second home! I am at the library and this mouse is tweaked, this chair is awful (I leaned back and almost fell off of it!), and I can't get into my myspace site. Go figure.
Have a few things to get and then I will take the boys back up the Trask. T saw the new HP movie, he liked the Transformer one better. J was at church camp and S's birthday was tons of fun. It was pretty much death by chocolate, even though he didn't die. I gave him lots of chocolate and it was fun. All day he got bits of stuff, m&m's clipped to his clipboard, and so on and so forth. :o)
I thought the phone was working..and it was for about 20 hours. This am I was talking and it crackled and blitzed out. NOT FAIR. At least I got a few pictures on!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Past July 13th

OK, Eagle ceremony is over. There will be few if any pix of it as my camera was on a low battery and I was coordinating the event, so I didn't have the camera much. Pix of EO are here, though. We'll see what I have. I only took a few there, too! S took the camera on a Troop fishing trip, so I may put some in of that. We'll see what the phone lines let me do! Here goes!

This first photo is of the EO family around 8pm when we left. The next is of T with his final fish he needed for his Fishing Merit badge, just days before he turned 18. The last is of the awards he earned for attaining his Eagle. I took the photo at a Court of Awards earlier in June, but it looks rather cool and I figured it would work to put it in!
His Eagle ceremony was fun. We had lots of different persons from his life. Teachers from Elm School and HS, members of TAPA, church friends, friends from other areas, and lots of Scouting friends. It was very cool. T leaves on Wednesday for Portland and from their boot camp. More updates will be forthcoming. :o)

Friday, July 13, 2007


OK, so it is mid July and I have not written a post in ages. I have been busy! We were in EO for several days, then we went to a Wedding on Saturday, then we did some other stuff, then I had to work and plan for T's Eagle Court of Honor for Sunday, and then he leaves on Wed. PHEW.
So, I have been busy. I am at the neighbor's again. Our phone lines are really bad and when I tried to hook up to the net it was about 14 kb whatevers. So, I left that puter and came over here. It is very late and I have scads to do for this Eagle thing, so just a note to let people know a bit of what is or might be going on. :o)
I will try and get a pix or two online, but only if our phone lines cooperate!