Monday, July 17, 2017

A bit in July

Some random pictures over the course of the month. 
Erik's Scout park has a time limit!!!!!!!! We'll see how this goes over-I took this before the tourists moved in. 
Spending much time down by Arness Dock. The mud is picturesque! 

 I found this lovely bit of petrified wood and decided to stop looking around for rocks I wasn't going to pick up. (they tend to be like m&ms, you can't stop at just one!)
 I think this is the perfect embodiment of Kenai, Alaska. Mountains, sky, inlet, fishing, and oil rigs-
 One of the summer days we had this month, JaLeen and I went out on the lake. I got to tow her around a bit Fun fun fun!!!

 On another nice day, I went out alone and floated in the summer snow (cottonwood seed).

 I was back at Arness Dock, working on my 'outside' book. Perfect reading for an Alaskan summer night! (one of my very favorite Alaskan stories!)

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Nancy Egbert Night-Oilers Baseball!

June 30, 2017. Peninsula Oilers vs the Chugiak Chinooks and Nancy Egbert Night. The day started out iffy with rain and a lot of wind. By game time, it was overcast and perfect for baseball. Mum was greeted with flowers and hugs and more. I am putting all the photos in one post. It is a tad much, but I didn't publish all the ones I took! Enjoy an evening of baseball on the Kenai! 
Meeting with Oilers personnel to prepare for the opening pitch before Lee sang the anthem. 

 Catcher, Mikey Hoehner, was mum's escort out to the mound and back.

 And there she goes!!!!!!!
The team put all their names on the ball for her. A generous gesture and it was one of the many huge hits of the evening. 
This is an overview of the one set of stands mum was sitting in. I was told there were more people at this game than there had been in quite a while. The beer garden and concessions were bustling! (only general admission was free~)

 From the looks of this line up, you might think it was chilly-Nope, it was rather nice out! We did get some sprinkles, but nothing serious.

                    Mum (and Connie's mom!) and Scoop, the Oilers mascot.
          Not all the visitors were watching the game!
 There were lots of things for kids to do. A bounce house and assorted games between innings. Here, they were supposed to tag Scoop.
 More people visiting mum~
 The lovely lady in the purple jacket got us all started on 'Take me out to the Ball Game'...I think Megan was eating crackerjacks (or sunflower seeds) in this shot!
 In spite of the dry weather, sliding made for some spectacular dirty uniforms!

 And in a very intense last inning, the Peninsula Oilers won!!!! Mum must have been their good luck charm!
 Mum and Jaleen-
 When we got home, mum pulled out a baseball from an Oilers pitcher back in the 80's. She was pretty thrilled and put them both carefully away in a cabinet. A perfect end to a perfect evening.
Thank you so much to everyone who helped put this on. You made this bigger and better and more beautiful than anything imagined. Bless  you each and every one for the different ways you were  part of this game for mum. It was a truly once in a life time experience.