Monday, July 17, 2017

A bit in July

Some random pictures over the course of the month. 
Erik's Scout park has a time limit!!!!!!!! We'll see how this goes over-I took this before the tourists moved in. 
Spending much time down by Arness Dock. The mud is picturesque! 

 I found this lovely bit of petrified wood and decided to stop looking around for rocks I wasn't going to pick up. (they tend to be like m&ms, you can't stop at just one!)
 I think this is the perfect embodiment of Kenai, Alaska. Mountains, sky, inlet, fishing, and oil rigs-
 One of the summer days we had this month, JaLeen and I went out on the lake. I got to tow her around a bit Fun fun fun!!!

 On another nice day, I went out alone and floated in the summer snow (cottonwood seed).

 I was back at Arness Dock, working on my 'outside' book. Perfect reading for an Alaskan summer night! (one of my very favorite Alaskan stories!)

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