Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Debris and Derelicts

OK, it is NOT a derelict, but it is full of debris now!

This is our 'new' door to the kitchen. The fridge is still in the way. It needs framed and tidied, but it should be nice when it is done. The second photo is the bathroom. Minus just about everything. The cabinet thing is where the tub used to sit..we are not exactly sure what it was for. The other side has the laundry room. The wall that was next to the toilet and had the plumbing in it needed replaced as most of the plumbing was dangling in the wall.

this is photo from the kitchen side of our 'new' door. The wood looking part will also be removed eventually. The plaster is covering the chimney and is too messed up to reveal. So, we found a cool metal tile stuff for that. When it is done there will be a big opening to the dining room and a sort of a bar along and around the chimney. When it happens, we will post more photos.
Books being opened this week: David Eddings, Belgariad series.

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