Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home again, Home again.

Well, we were home...but now we are home in EO. Tillytown was splendid. Nice and misty and dampish. Very awesome. I did get some pix..not too many. In fact, very few. And they are horrid photos, I need a new camera! LOL

The first one is WiNeMa Christian Camp and the last one is of J's cabin mates. There were 196 kids at camp that week and about 120 were girls! OH, and then I have another one. Let me see, here is Mari!

She is usually prettier than that, but you know after a week of camp you get kind of tired!
Off to put away the banana chocolate chip muffins. Almost done reading Belgarath and am going to start painting trim in J's room..and start Polgara. Great reads.

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aksunflour said...

thanks for the pics of Western Oregon. Nice and misty.