Thursday, May 28, 2015

Alaska-Homer outing

I am so sorry this took longer than I thought it would. It appears the blog didn't recognize me and considered me suspicious. However, I'm in now! Hooray. We will see for how long.....

After getting to the Kenai, my first 'outing' was a fast trip to Homer, Alaska. It was pretty chilly. The sunshine was lovely, but the wind had a definite bite to it.  
 However, it didn't seem to deter the fisherfolk. This man got the best catch of the day! Sea Stars on a double hook.

 It was a little hazy across the Inlet. I think the birds floating on the surface of the tide are common murre, but am not entirely sure!

 The best bookstore in Homer is 'The Homer Boookstore'. It has an ocean theme to it as well as these cute log and stick people reading out front.
 I liked how the octopus was reflected in the bathroom mirror, but I am not too sure about the grin I think I see on the face. Octopus are interesting creatures.
 Later in the evening, we stopped to visit Dad's bench in the Erik Hansen Scout Park. We don't have his name on it yet, but we will! The last picture is the view straight out from the bench. I think dad would like it.

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