Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I took a photo of my 'garden'. The 'grave' is not a grave. It will be the radish and carrot bed. I did finally get a few marigolds. They are tiny, but have itty bitty buds on them. I also bought another clematis and some lily of the valley starts. I do think mine are not going to come back. However, it is still winter. No matter what the calendar and the dates say. There is snow back on the mountains today.

Well, we took Teddy to the groomers finally. It was a bit spendy, but not too bad. They sedated him and shaved him to the skin. The groomer said she had to use a horse clippers on him to get the mats and stuff off. I felt so mean when she took his leash and led him off. He looked at me with his big brown eyes and almost made me cry. It was about as bad when we sent T off to Germany. Except, T knew what he was getting into and he signed up for it himself. Poor Teddy, all he knew was that mom took him to this cold echoing place where there were lots of yowls and barks and strange smells and left him! They also clipped his dew claws, a necessary procedure as S and I couldn't do it without our dearest neighbor in Tillamook!

So, here is before and after:

Our poor baby! He is kinda cold now and he has a bulge on his side. That was looked at in Tillamook and it was discovered it was just a bulge of fatty tissue. It looks awful now that he is 'bare'. However, he will be much happier this summer and he will be easier to comb and wash.
I did give him a special treat chew toy to help him over his trauma. I think I should have gotten him a bushel of treats!

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aksunflour said...

geez... you shaved the poor thing.

And I don't see anything resembling a grave.. just a plot.