Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just another day in.....

Nothing new yet to report. It has been doing a spot of snowing today, my tomatoes I planted have black leaves at their apex, and S bought a placostomus (black bottom feeder) last Sunday that has already died. I told him NOT to get one as they always die no matter what we do, but he did and it did. >sigh<
We saw the movie Expelled this weekend. It was very good and it doesn't matter if you believe in Intelligent Design or what. This was very thought provoking and well worth the time it takes to watch it. Not a warm fuzzy movie, more of an informative one. Also saw The Star of Bethlehem again. I may have mentioned it in a previous post. The website for that movie is and it is a powerful proclamation of how the technology of today can support the happenings in the Bible. I just need to learn how to spell! Anyway, today we were priveledged to hear a man from Voice of the Martyrs. He shared about the growing spread of Christianity throughout the world and what people in other nations do to seed the gospel in their worlds. There was one story he shared about a Muslim pastor who was taken captive and tossed in an Iraqi holding area. (this is a watered down version) He was put in a cell with 3 Sunni and 3 Shiite and when the 6 asked him what he was doing in there, his response was, "God has sent me to you to share the gospel!" And some of them did come to beleive.
So, I guess that things have been happening. Just not photgraphic ones!
Finally got The Secret Garden and it is as much fun as I remember!

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aksunflour said...

Bummer about the snow... today was 50 F. Still a fair amount of snow in the yard... don't think that it will melt in 3 days.

I have watched the "Secret Garden" movie so many times that I'm not sure I would like the book.