Sunday, April 13, 2008

Grandma's Garden

I have some more plants that I bought, but nothing is in color yet. Grandma has several hyacinths up and blooming and a lovely toad that shows up in her yard every year. The fun fishing decoration that is with all the daffodils is Grandma's Christmas present. It was in a Christmas blog.

This latter photo is a bunch more budded tulips and the other stuff is listed in one garden book as rose campion. They are a tall, soft, fuzzy stalk with a single hot pink five petaled flower at the top. They are a great flower. (there are few weeds in the planting areas, but not too many.)
I purchased some yummy smelling lemon thyme and a purplish spreading petunia plant as well as another pinkish one that is hoped to spread. I will plant behind them cosmos and shasta daisies and sunflowers. It should be nice when it blooms....
Not reading anything new. I need to find my The Secret Garden. I want to read it very much so.

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aksunflour said...

Good thing you said that was a toad. Otherwise it could have been a rock!
Now I understand about the ground... kind of barren.

Today is sunny... might get the bikes out.