Thursday, May 08, 2008

Non-pictoral news

Just wandering along here and there. Looking at a house in Athena and waiting for real spring. It is very cold out today. Sunny, but COLD. Our new computer is on the way and when it arrives, we will update more then.
T is on his way North of where he is now. It sounds more intense, so keep him in your prayers. Every Cav Scout needs a battalion of angels! J is mowing for S's Aunt and is having fun and earning some money. (which he is planning on using for a sharp object of some sort) Got Mum and Dot the same Mom's Day present..It is cheaper in Oregon, but it will be fun for both. I am anticipating tomato plants as mine have frozen. And a house! (There are two lilac trees in the yard!)
Reading more old favorites. I tried to snag a new Anne and Todd McCaffrey from a friend's suitcase, but it was obvious I was trying to hide it under my shirt. Oh, well, I tried.

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aksunflour said...

Wondering what you got mom. Also sorry about not commenting- thought that I had. :( You have got to check out Anthropolotie's web site. A pair of shoes were over $400.00!

Princess is having a rough time also.