Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nope, it's winter again.

Summer is over and it is cold and dampish again. Nice for the plants as to the wet, but not for the lack of warmth. The house is still in the paperwork stage. Which is frustrating in more ways than you think. I would love to try and unpack some things and find a few items we are missing. Like the camera disks. And the scanner cords. And some other stuff like that.

Found one of my old Mercedes Lackey books. It is good to read old friends! Spent the Memorial holiday hanging out with a friend. She bought flowers and all of us ate together and then we watched a movie. The last Pirates one. That is so silly!

T called from the desert. He sounds pretty upbeat and in better spirits than he has been. Well, gotta go, Moses is being catty and needs some TLC.

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