Friday, May 30, 2008

Not so Cliff Notes

Well, I have written one blog already today and lost it (that was on my myspace page). I had to rewrite it. So, this one will be a shorter version than the last one. With no pictures yet. Bummer deal.

OK, T called this AM. He has called quite a bit this week. It has been a red letter week~He told us all kinds of interesting deserty like things. Such as: the mosquitos over there are not as numerous as the ones in Alaska, but they are as aggressive. He said there are lots of bats and was very thankful for them. On a duty he had a flock of mosquitos (are there mosquito flocks, that was my term not his.) hovering in front of him and they left when a bat blew through them. He also said there are lots of mongoose. They run along the river banks.

Mail takes ages to reach him, but continue to send it using the new address. (the same as the last one, just drop the palehorse troop and add 'White Platoon Eagle Co 2-2'. All the rest of it is the same. They go back to the Warhorse Camp every 9 or so days for laundry drops, haircuts (although he said that he ditched the line finally and got a basic training cut from a fellow soldier.), and mail.

T was able to observe part of a desert wedding. They are very noisy and involve the large type of hand held weapons available over there. His area was on alert during the festivities. He shared that it was a bit exciting. (I wondered if it was their version of a shot gun wedding!)

J had a band concert last night. He won an award for the most outstanding low woodwind in concert band and jazz band. He did say it was by default. He is the only one. Well, except for a kid on a bass clarinet who has only been playing a few weeks. S said if you are going to be good at something, it helps if you are the only one. He had a tour today. Don't know how that went. His grades are not too warm, but he knows it and we have discussed it extensively.

We are getting closer on a house. We have keys for our own mailbox! Can you believe it? We will have to have a PO box as they don't deliver to the location of where we hope to be living. I don't think I have had a PO Box since I lived in Anchor Point as a kid. I am not sure that S has ever had one. It will be interesting.

Not much else. I guess these cliff notes are the longer edited version! Have a great day and I hope you are feeling as blessed as I am!

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aksunflour said...

just a note... most companies don't ship to a P.O. box so prepare the Folks for package deliveries. Or deliver to S at work.

Hmm... a mailbox before the house, is that similar to the cart before the horse?