Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In Athena

OK, We are in Athena now. It only took us a zillion hours to get here. We were stuck in a non moving line of traffic in the Dalles area for 3 1/2 hours. We ended up getting to Athena around 430 in the am. We unloaded for an hour, took a short nap, got up and did the rest before S and J had to go off to work and school. It was very long. The cats were sedated, but obviously, the meds wore off long before we arrived. We left Tillamook around 7ish pm. and it was totally storming. Very nasty weather all around. We had rain and wind on the coast and ice and cold the rest of the way. I even got out during the 'break' we had and made a snowman that was tiny enough to sit on a gaurdrail post. I am at the library and will post photos of T and his surprise visit home as soon as I can. Have to leave for now, keep smiling and have a great end of November!


Mrs. Henderson said...

Praise the Lord you made it safely. It sounds like you had a trying time. I look forward to your pictures and will check in to your site regularly. God bless you all. --J

aksunflour said...

I figured that you had left for Athena- when I called and your phone was disconnected.

Glad that you got there safely- now the search goes on for a house.