Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jake's a Genius!

These are all retro photos because I finally discovered that I had a nose on my face. Which means, my sister told me how to get the photos off the camera onto the computer. It was very easy. (shakes head in chagrin).

J at SMS in Pendleton. He is just inside the door in the first photo. In the second spotty photo you see most of his HUGE jazz band. And yes, there are flutes in there. J is by the speaker. The last one is his award for being the only bass woodwind or whatever he was. (see earlier post)

Dot's iris before the wind blew them over and the rain hammered them into the ground.

Next photos are of the house again! See you soon!

1 comment:

aksunflour said...

Sorry I didn't mention that brilliant idea earlier (I did think it a couple of times!).

Hey how come Dot's irises aren't purple? Can you get me some of those seeds?