Sunday, December 09, 2007

Good grief.

We are in Tillamook least, T and I are. It is awesome to be with him and see him and have him around somewhat. (He is with his friends a great deal already!) S and J drove back to Athena and I already miss them.
While in Portland S and I joined the modern era and got ourselves cell phones. A very scary purchase, but somewhat neccessary. I have learned how to take photos, one friend helped me do a voice dial thing, another friend showed me how to add people and stuff, and it seems like it will be more fun than not. So, that is what we got for Christmas! I did get Steve's parents a Christmas if I can only find ours!
I am pretty tired, but I am doing lots of projects this week. I need to finish a few of them so I can start more. I am turning over a new leaf. I aim to finish things before starting others. Books, not included!!!!!
Book of the day: Alas, Babylon and Cry of the Icemark

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aksunflour said...

ROFL! Finish things before starting others! That is so funny!
What phones did you get? The Razr's aren't very hardy- actually very delicate. Don't sit on it! And good luck retrieving your pictures.

My computer has been on the fritz.