Sunday, December 16, 2007


T and I are back on the Oregon Coast. It is so different here. T was disgusted that he had to unpack his cold weather gear when he got to his grandparent's house. It was 28 there. Above, not below, but much colder than Tillamook.
I have some photos, but need to ask the people we are staying wiht how to get them through their computer onto the net. They have many filters and protectives. They are a good idea, though.
At any rate, J's snowman was still up when we got there--it is bashed into ice lumps now. I tried to get some holiday photos of Moses--not an easy task. The Christmas flowers were fake and had been on a cake iced with whipped topping stuff. He tried to eat them from where I had arranged them on a sock. T did some projects and I did a few things also.
Am reading the last Potter book again. Icemark is better!

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aksunflour said...

Um well who or what is Icemark?
Can you find me the The Holiday Candy Book by Virginia Pasley published in 1950? It has the best fudge recipe that I have ever made.