Saturday, December 29, 2007

We'll see

It appears that we now have the internet. It has only been a few hours since it was hooked up and it is very spotty. However, it seems to work fairly ok.
Here are some photos of T's visit home in November and a few friends and some other stuff.

Moses fell asleep between the blankets I was using for my bed when I we had moved almost everything.

We got back to Athena and it had snowed. J made a horned snowman using the antlers from the deer he shot this year!

T came back for December and he and some of his friends were taken (somewhat unwillingly) to a fancy tea spot called La Tea Dah in Tillamook.

Once in Athena again, we hung out and then eventually had Christmas. T got some more models, J got some music from Nana, and Grandma and Grandpa H got a fisherbird made from a shovel and spatulas and a shoe stretcher!


aksunflour said...

Way to go w/the internet. Glad to see a new post. Welcome back.

Great pix of your family.

Mrs. Henderson said...

Okay....who got those boys to walk in to La Tea Da? They look a bit...dubious? I hope they enjoyed the food. I can't wait to ask them at school next week! :-)