Thursday, June 25, 2015

Just some random stuff

When the eagles or other birds of prey show up, the ducks hide in the lily pads. There really ARE ducks out there! 
 The road is having some work done on it for some reason. The giant grader had a passenger. I particularly liked how it says CAT under the dog.
 My very favorite truck on our road. I asked the driver if I could take photos of his truck and he agreed. Old Ford belly dump!

 Later, I went out on the lake again. I do love this place. It isn't very big and I absolutely hate getting out of the kayak (such grace and poise!), but I love how quiet it is. I was listening to birds and then the wind as it was approaching the lake in the tree tops. Beautiful.
 This pic is looking down from the key. It wasn't very late, maybe 1030 pm.

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