Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Cook Inlet, at last!

I finally was able to get to the beach tonight. It was around 11pm, but well worth it, in spite of the cold wind. I took mum's dog, so he could get out of the house. I think I wore the poor critter out! We went to the beach off of Salamantof Road. (I may have spelled that incorrectly, I usually just call it the beach road down from Tesoro). This first photo is very much life on Cook Inlet. Oil and fishing. 

 These are absolutely the ONLY rocks I brought home from this beach tonight. (it is also known as Agate Beach, but many of the beaches along the inlet are great for agates.)
Am not exactly sure why these two are so different in tones. Although, one is the sun setting and the other is of mountains nearby. They were both on 'normal' settings.

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