Sunday, July 26, 2015

"Little" ducky, I'd like a whole pond of...

Ernie didn't have a goshawk in his bathtub, but am sure this bird of prey would sing this song if he could! Mum has had these hawks visit last year and this year is no exception. The ducks, although segregated, hang together when the webbed feet hit the muck. Here they are squawking about the hawk holding one of their own. 
 Here the young teen mallard is pinned under talon and beak-but the goshawk hadn't gone for the kill.
 The young bird tried to get away and I wasn't fortunate enough to capture seeing the raptor IN the water, riding the waterfowl as it tried to get away. It was lucky this day and the hawk flew off hungry.
 However, the goshawk isn't stupid. He knows exactly where the teens go for fun and waits til they pass by to grab them. Today, the birds were quacking away and I photographed the large granite colored bird just sitting. I took two photos before I realised something.

 The goshawk was sitting ON the duck in the water. He may have known where a duck dinner might be, but he wasn't too smart about keeping on task. Am not sure what startled him (maybe it was me), but he took off and the duck swam away.
 Later in the evening, the hawk came back, but the ducks retreated to the lily pads. I saw the bird flying in the trees and heard squirrels chattering. I also heard the squirrel stop chattering and the ducks settled down. So, either the bird flew off duckless again, or he captured himself a rodent.

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