Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Night on the Lake

Yup, it was so nice and warm out, I was barefoot in the kayak again. I love nights (and days) when the temps are in the high 60's and the sun is shining bright! 
 The  sky tonight was a vibrant blue. The different greens seemed to enhance it.
 Birds are all over the place! We still have some babies out there, I think this from a newer batch of golden eyes (probably cuz the mom lost most of her first bunch!).
 This yellow legged bird could be one of three types of shorebirds. Mid season birds are sometimes hard to identify. Immature birds and non breeding ones sometimes look like other birds. Very frustrating! Mom thinks it might be a greater yellowlegs. But, it might not be.
 Here are the babies again. They had hopped onto the shore to preen in the sunshine. Such cute little fluff balls! I wondered where their mom was, but then I remembered how she often wanders off. The babies were spread all over the area. I had been drifting around reading and taking photos for such a long time (this was about quarter to 9 pm), they didn't seem to be as afraid of me.
 More barefoot photos-I had one where the ducks are not too far from the kayak, but I liked how this one has the blue sky reflected in the water. It was so still and nice out! The other one, with the babies in it, had ripples and the ripples make it hard to see the ducklings. There weren't that many skeeters out either, which was also a bonus. GIANT dragonflies were buzzing over the lake, though. You can tell summer is waning, the colors are changing and the dragonflies are bigger (the little ones have all passed on).
 Just after 9 and I was intrigued by all the things you can see in the shadows. The tiny white speck is a loon on the lake, the teensy bugs almost glitter, and the trees appear almost mystical. The loon was why the babies were at the far end on the shore. The loon doesn't visit often, but when it does, the ducks get stressed out. It doesn't bother the larger ducks (and we have several families of those), but for some reason it does not like baby ducks of any kind.

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