Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Choosing Pictures to share!

When you send to your kids to the store in North Kenai, they go in style! 

It was an absolutely stunning day on Saturday, July 11. The beach was so warm people were even able to sprawl out on the rocks! Fisher folk were checking their nets and, although there weren't many fish, we did get to see them bring in a few.

 Before the game we stopped at a store and this plow truck from Girdwood was down for the fishing. The owner said I could snap the sticker on his truck. We then discussed the height of fireweed and how much snow might be expected this winter.
 Baseball was great fun, even if the Oilers did lose. It wasn't by much! One the sun went down over the bleachers, it got COLD!
 Stopping at the river during red season again. You can see not much is going on yet. It was Sunday, but the crowds were still pretty sparse. I'll continue to update as we are in town.
 We had some awesome thunderstorms on the 13th. Our area needs the rain desperately and it brought out vivid colors. Everything was sparkling with life.
 In this photo below, I am standing on the 'old pipeline' road. The one my daddy got stuck on in his Ford pick up one spring and the one we'd ride our bikes on in the summer. I am looking up at our 'old' driveway. The new road is where the yellow newspaper box is. So, when the new road was put in, our driveway got a bit shorter!
 More sparkling fireweed!
I like this photo below. It shows the definite march of summer. When I arrived at the end of May, the lupine were in bud. In the picture, those same lupine are now done. Their seed pods are split open and empty. The fireweed is in mid season, with only a few more blooms left to go. A bit startling, when  you stop to think about it! 
Today I took a lot of bird photos. It is Tuesday. This little immature junco is so innocent, he actually jumped onto my hand before he flew off! He is lucky I wasn't a cat.
 The squirrels are not so tame. However, this guy did run past me twice. Once he stopped about 4 inches from my foot before hurrying on to where ever he was headed.
 The birds are going crazy trying to stuff themselves! I took photos of red poll, white crowned sparrows (there is one in this photo), camp robbers, nut hatches, chickadees, and I did have a brief glimpse of a woodpecker on one of mom's birch trees in the yard. They love suet, but by the time the jays and the nuthatches and little birds are done, there is very little left for them. I am pretty sure what I'm going to send mom for Christmas! I'm going to make suet cakes!

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