Sunday, July 05, 2015

The Fourth in Two parts-Part 2. Rocks and Waves

The latter part of the Fourth was on the Kenai beach. One of my friends went down cuz he had thought about fishing and rigged up a pole, but opted not to as the tide wasn't out far enough yet. I just watched the waves and rocks. I also saw a sea lion and a loon, but those photos were rather bad! 

I like the rocks on our inlet beaches. They are full of all kinds of mineral content!

 Same rock as above, just a different view of it.
 You find many kinds of heart shaped rocks. Last year I collected many of the smaller ones. This year, I am opting to leave the rocks behind. Unless I find the perfect one to send to Linda B.
 This was a very cool heart rock~ I've never found one broken quite like this.
 The top view is one side and the bottom view is the same rock from the more rounded side.
 I laughed when I saw this one. It is a skewed heart rock!
 "I'd be petrified!" "Oh, wood you???"  ok-bad pun.
 Not only were we on the beach, but there were kids on a paddle board, fisher people, and people like me who were just walking.
 I love wave photos. I also got wet twice!!!!! It is easy to focus on a wave and end up drenched!

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