Sunday, July 05, 2015

the fourth in two parts: Part 1

It was a rather damp and windy day for the annual Kenai Fourth of July parade, but people were still after their parade candy! 
 In spite of the spate of fires in the area, the firemen were out in full regatta. Below is the 'White Knight' of the local Tesoro plant out North.
 When I saw this I laughed and laughed. In this weeks recent stand for political correctness, seeing two gals on Hawgs pulling a viking in a chariot was perfectly perfect.
This cute little car was followed by #10, who had a most awesome decal. The license read BepBep.

 The pick up below received the award for 'What on earth is THAT doing with all the old trucks and muscle cars?' Very strange.
 Shooting stars. Something you probably won't find in the Lower 48.
 I liked how this yellow mustang reflected in the puddles in between the rain bursts.
 This green pickup was my favorite. Or at least one of them! I was told there were a lot of cars in the parade this year. I didn't mind!!! And there were a great many Fords! I loved when the guys jumped out of the back to push it down the road.

 This young man made me laugh out loud as he queried, "Why are all the big kids taking the candy from the little ones?" Righting the world, one tootsie pop at a time.
 These three young ladies made a brilliant 4th of July trio.
 Green appears to be a favored color for rigs up here. This particular truck was sweet. Not only was the back bed filled to the brim with flowers, the two gals in front were dressed for tea in elegant old fashioned dresses, hats, pearl necklaces, and dangling earrings. I think the passenger even wore white gloves!
Everyone loved this giant old fashioned bicycle-am sure is is not the easiest ride in the parade! I also liked the reflection in the water below.
 Almost thought I was in Eastern Oregon!!!! Two red Farmalls.
An old red pickup. And it is a Ford! 

 A very LARGE VW bus. Decorated in a fine 70's style~
If I wanted to drive this truck, I'd need to make sure to follow the directions on the sign. (rolling eyes!)

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Tom Murphy said...

Thanks for putting this up so those of us far from home can still enjoy one of the world's best parades!