Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Around the House

After I got the frame for mum's green house put up, I had to remove the debris from the area where it was going to live. This is PART of a root from a wild rosebush. Yes, they are lovely flowers, but they are a pain to have in the yard. They are pokey and they are invasive and no one likes to eat them. (most critters prefer the garden stuff over wild roses in summer)
 Here is the green house all done--for the most part It has some air leaks, but we'll work on those!
 Mum's birds are always starving!!!!!
 The juveniles are just as greedy as the grown ups! (camp robber or grey jay)

 There are a lot of different kinds of dragonflies out. Little black ones, the tiny colored sewing needles, and the itty bitty ones that look like clouds of bugs-only they are the good bugs!
 Lupine are starting to bloom!!!!!
 Just another sign marking the road my sister and I used to walk on to catch the bus. The road has changed a bit, but most of it is like I remember.
 I loved how the sun shone on the birch bark!!! I took more photos of this than I am sharing here!
 And I found my first Alaskan heart rock-haven't been to the inlet yet, but you can find hearts on the Pipeline road, too!

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