Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Big, the little, the cute, the lovely, the work, and the play!

It has been a while since I posted anything. OK, last Sunday? Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of the more fun moments in Nikiski. 
 A large young bull moose browsing and smaller vicious mosquitoes that flying and biting as I walk on the Pipeline.
 Adorable birds, squirrels, and ducklings (I love the baby ducks..unfortunately, so do loons. The larger families have been honed down to just a few per pair in just a few days.).

 I love being home for spring and summer. When it hits, it hits FAST. It hasn't been very warm, but the days will soon be getting shorter (in two weeks) and the foliage needs all the growing time they can get!

 This is part of the yard mom mows. I didn't go clear to the sort of reminded me a great deal of Jon on the tractor on some of the ground Brooks' farmed. Mum says she doesn't either! It is made up of grass, dandelions, horse tails, fire weed, and assorted other green growing things that get in the way.
 I love being able to get out in mom's kayak. I do NOT like the ungraceful exits I make, but to get in means you must get out!
 (kayak selfie)
My view from the shore. I didn't want to get out and I realised how pretty this was!!!
 My favorite part of the lake is how much life is on it. Yes, there is death. Loons and eagle and other predators who are living their lives enact their part. This year, however,I've seen 6 white birds sweeping over the water and thought they were tern. We have had tern, but not so many at a time. Well, the smart young neighbor boy next door (OK, he's probably a young man by now....) said he had researched them and found they were gulls. Skeptical, but ready to check, I was able to get a fairly decent photo of one of them sitting on the float in the lake. The neighbor was absolutely correct!! They ARE gulls. Bonaparte Gulls and this awesome link will take you to a spot where you can hear them- ID for Bonaparte Gulls.
I hope you enjoyed this visit to mum's house! I'll be sharing more soon!!

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