Saturday, April 29, 2017

Walking on Ice

I had not planned on walking down on the lake. So, when I ended up down there I was sans my camera. Thank goodness for the ease of cameras on a cell phone! This was on Friday afternoon, April 28. The photos are sort of 'mixed'. I'd take a step and see something I felt was intriguing and then step further. The first one is a favorite. Ice, water, reflections, and sky. 
Not having a ruler with me, you can't really tell how thick the ice is. Granted, it is weak on the edges of the lake, but the further out you walk, the more sturdy it is. (NO I am not wandering out on it, no matter how sturdy it might appear!)
 For all the snow we've had, it seems odd to see how far back the 'water' is.
 Cracks and breaks made by the grasses inside the ice.
 This photo below makes me the most sad, it is so barren of water. In the second photo, taken on May 5, 2015, from the lake, you can tell how much more water there was a few years back. The two photos are of the same area--different view point. As mentioned previously, I was not going out to the center of the lake!

Not quite preserved in ice!
 The snow on the lake is decidedly rotten. Breaking to bits at the step of a foot. The ice underneath might break with some exertion (I jumped on it!), though.
 I liked the geometric shapes inside the surface here. If you look at it in a larger scope, you can 'see' the crystals. Super fun!

 While getting the ice/water shots, I went thru!!!!!
 Reflections of the past, present, and promises for the future. It is pretty chilly, yet. There is still a great deal of ice just inches under the topsoil, but spring is working its way past the surface to stir frozen roots.

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