Monday, April 03, 2017

Silver white winters...

...that last through the spring. These are a few of my favorite things!!! 
April has started off where March ended. With melting and snow. 
I was finally able to get around the edges of the house where the sugar snow has melted to put up the new bird feeder. Mom said it was for Mittens, she was right. The feeder has some sort of  a barrier in the middle so the birds can't see Mittens, but oh my! Mittens can see the birds!!! 
 So far we've had chickadees and nuthatches visit. The feeder is not really built for the preferred  black sunflower seeds. Those mixed bags of seeds are ridiculous~ even if they are cheap. I will have to see how I can 'fix' it.
 She watches, attacks the window, gets disgusted, leaves, and then comes back. She cannot stay away!
 All throughout the day there were feathery flakes of snow lightly falling from the sky. Most of them melted. It was fairly warm out, almost 40 during some parts of the day. Debbie and Arnold came for a visit and we stayed outside. A lovely, somewhat chilly, scene for chatting!
 As darkness descended, temps dropped, and the snow started to stick. Mom had a bunch of those tiny yard lights out in the garden last October. I didn't put them away when I was home in November, so when the snows came, they vanished. The warm sunshine has melted things a bit and this light was glowing inside the berm made by the plow.
 HUGE snowflakes on flannel, more favorite things! God was shaking out the down blankets last night.
 This morning, the flocked look was the fashion. Incredible frozen beauty.

 The sparkles made from the rising sun on the fresh snow bring a smile to my face and joy to my soul. Yup, I love snow. And break up is pushed back just a tad longer! I reckon next weekend's Prom will most likely NOT have party goers playing on the bluffs and in the sand.

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