Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Duck Hunt

Remember the Nintendo game, Duck Hunt? I felt I was inside it on Monday afternoon! 
There are two lakes out north, Bishop Lake and one with no name. Honestly, there are lots of  unnamed lakes out north, many of them are small and surrounded by bog. Like the one I visited today. It is fed by a creek from Parsons Lake and then that body of water has a creek going into Bishop Lake (google maps is VERY helpful!).  This small creek and lake break up early and waterfowl nest there. Especially swans. For decades a pair of swans have raised babies in this area. I have always passed this spot in a vehicle and gazed dangerously as I guided the rig around the curve in the road. I wanted to hike out, but never did. Until Monday. 
One of the things which caught my attention was the vast silence. I found out what the word soughing means and sounds like. Inside the quiet, the wind moved thru the dried grasses. Calming, soothing, beautiful. 

 I was, once again, VERY glad to have breakup boots!!!!! This is a hike I'd not do in warmer months. I was already ankle deep in water at times and the ice under the mosses kept me on firm footing. And as it gets nicer, it will most likely be infested with skeeters!
 This feather is about 3 inches long. Maybe a tad more.
 I liked how this 'dead' itty bitty tree had specks of new green on the tips!
 I didn't see any swans, but I did scare up a few mallards. At least, I am pretty sure they were mallards!
 Tree with a blank sign. It told me at one time it was protected by someone with an agenda, but now..well, I didn't see any signs today!

 I didn't get close to this, it was getting pretty wet and hiking thru squashy mossy stuff is a lot of work!
 This mountain is EVERYWHERE! I might try getting this shot again, when it is clearer out. Although, it must also be cold enough to walk out to!
 This is where I had the Duck Hunt deja vous! As I stood still next to a dead tree my size, two ducks exploded from the sedge and then split apart, to fly away.
I was a VERY long way from where I had parked mum's car!! This shot is looking back to where the beaver hut might be. I was standing nearer the road here. 
 The culvert under Holt-Lamplight is another place to see water birds. I just saw reflections to play with.

 This last shot is one of my favorite sights as I drive on the road. It is next to the driveway of a man I  used to know as a kid. It isn't a bear or even a pelt. It is a blanket of grass which was plowed up into a snowbank this winter! As the snow has melted, it has folded around the 'structure' and catches the eye.

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