Friday, April 07, 2017

Breakup is for the Birds!

The silver white winter of the previous post, only days ago, has changed into not spring, but a true breakup. When I took the photo below, I could hear what sounded like shots or thunder. I imagine the lake across the way is starting to weaken. Am pretty sure the noise wasn't ours. 
Easter/Thanksgiving, it doesn't matter. Bloom whenever you can! 
 I am in definite need of something other than tennies. It is getting a bit gicky out there. Breakup has not ever been one of my favorite times. The only good part is the lengthening of the day.
 I wanted just up over the ankle boots, but these will do. Cheap black boots from a store everyone ends up shopping at. I blinged them up with a silver permanent marker and stencils. They 'ran' when I added a spot of acrylic spray, but it isn't bad!
 BUT, the best part of being out on the evening of the 6th, was not using my new boots to get the paper (which came late due to the road closure on the Seward because of the loose crazy man who used to live in Kenai and was out shooting). It was the birds. I finally got chickadees to land in my palm to get their seed. (I think that animation from Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorites) NOTE: I did try to 'move' the photos, but blogspot wasn't letting me. So, you get them in a column!

 More boots in breakup! The morning dance across the muck by jumping lightly from snow patch to snow patch was impossible. The sugar snow patches crushed with each step I took.
 You can see there is even MORE water after today. It was a really warm day. I didn't use my jacket at all. I did have on long sleeves for most of it, though-
 While I was doing errands, mum said she saw a snowmachine on the lake. It is 'fun' to ride across the water to make the spray. The lake is still pretty solid, but not even the neighbor dogs have ventured across. I don't think I'd want to attempt snowmachining on the water!
 I finally ventured back inside to watch baseball a bit after 8. It did get pretty cold overnight, but the sun will warm things back up once again, releasing the Alaskan world from the ice and snow. For now!

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