Saturday, April 01, 2017

Tracks and More~

The last days of March have been white and blowy with intermittent sun breaks. We stayed put, except to pick up the newspaper! 
As I started down the drive, I noticed my tracks tended to stay in the center of the road. Obi's tracks went down one side and up the other! 
I texted this photo to Tony. He figured my bunny tracks guess was probably right.
 I snagged the paper (it is really icy under all this snow!) and looked towards the house where Obi was hanging out. It appeared today his tracks wandered in his own bunny trail!!! 

Mum wanted me to feed the birds-had to empty the feeder first!!!!
We had a visitor who drove over the tracks outside and provided a perfect perch for Mittens inside!!! Sharon does not like cats. She tolerates Mittens.
 The next day another friend stopped by and I was able to do a few chores while he visited with mom. He also brought me a jacket. Mum has a blue one like this, but smaller. In fact, there are a LOT of people around who have these sorts of jackets! They came from the winter games a few years back. Jim didn't use this one and asked if I wanted it. I was rather impressed with how it blocked the wind. I wore my blue Kenai polar fleece hoody under it and was warm and toasty!!! And green!!!! Friends are great people to have around.

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