Monday, April 24, 2017

Fowl Play Spring!

Birds of all kinds are arriving every day. The morning song is varied and full of cheering notes. But, the Kenai is still holding on to winter. It is slowly fading, but not quite fast enough for the birds! They are truly calling foul. 

 The mallards have come back, they are VERY put out. They are supposed to be paddling in the lake, not striding across it! They were so funny to listen to as they hiked...waddled? You could hear them slosh, step, slosh, sploosh, slosh, step. The sploosh was when they hit a more slushy patch. There are a few 'puddles' on the ice, not much good for more than getting their webs wet. Some spots on the lake are clear (remember the day I walked around the lake?), it doesn't add up to much, though!

 Today, April 24, I finally sighted Swans on Bishop Lake. Ok, a single swan. I am going to go back to see if I can get much better photos. These were taken from the verge near the road facing Bishop Lake. Opposite of where I hiked last post. I was pretty excited to see this gorgeous creature. Dogs and man have disturbed the pair so often, they end up hiding for most of the season. I will be incredibly careful as I sneak up on this pair. I am assuming there are two, there always are!

We have had a smidge of rain out north. Every bit helps in the melting of the ice. Every drop reveals new life hiding in the frozen earth. Spring in Alaska is winged. Although, I miss the array of color in Oregon, I'm loving the plumage on the returning snowbirds.

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