Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Few Days in Breakup

All shots taken with my Samsung cell phone, because I forgot where I had put my camera! (I found it now, so I'll use both next time!) 
The walks to the paperbox in the morning are usually frosty. Jack makes lovely designs as well as ones of a more bizarre nature! 

 I made halibut like mom did for supper one night. But, not really. I followed the directions on the box of crumbs, dipping it in egg and flour and crumb. Mum skips the flour step. I was pretty impressed with how they turned out, I really am not fond of spattering oils!
 This is today, Tuesday. Spring as far as your eye can see!!!
 I was sitting on a root and noticed the neat shapes in this tree. I usually see it from a different angle and had not noticed the artistic bends.
 Mum was out today. She walked in the drive to look at her garden next to the house and then she filled a bird feeder. She was pleased to see hyacinth were coming up. I think mine, in Oregon, are almost done. I was especially impressed to see bulbs. This part of the yard near the house is about the only part which has not been dug up in the last few years!
 As you can see, sitting in the spring sunshine is still a bit chilly and damp!
I wore my sweatshirt for much of the day, but finally took it off and vied the snow for whitest expanse. I also noticed my hair matches the silvery birch bark! (NOTE: I am not from Kenai, but I wasn't wearing my Nikiski sweatshirt today!) 

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