Monday, September 05, 2016

The Road Less Traveled...

 OK, it isn't quite a road, nor is it much less traveled! There were signs of chainsaws, moose tracks, broken trees, and ATVs all along the right of ways.
 Someday, before too long, I'll continue past this deep dip in the way and wander further.
 Miniature forests near my toes-
 In this wooded hood, the trees carry chains and wear ski caps.
 The thick gangs of mosquitoes wield rapiers, out for your blood.

 The stumps on every corner are dressed to attract even the most hardened hikers.

 And neon lichen hides on the underbellies of an ecosystem. It is a lovely place full of  things to wonder about!
           (I also think a sturdier shoe would be good to remember the next time I visit!
I found this little guy before noon. I had gone out to the shop and the thing looked like it was shivering on a 'branch' on the ground. I went inside the building, came back with my camera, and it was still there. I took his picture and then tried to pick him up. He was holding fast. I didn't want mom's dog to get it, so I went inside to let her know about it. She said to put him in a box. I often use paper bags in Oregon for injured birds, but a box would work. I found a small one, sprinkled some seed in the bottom, and plucked the tiny creature from where he was clinging. Once it was in the box, I proceeded to fold over the flaps to keep him safe. I put it down in a secure spot and started to leave the shop. However, heard scrabbling noises. Puzzled, I wondered what he was up to and opened the box outside. He proceeded to hop up on the edge of the flap, looked at me with a beak full of sunflower seed, and flew off! I shook my head, emptied out the rest of the seeds, went in to tell mom, and left to go have lunch with Angela. It was a very strange experience!  

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