Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The lower end of the Kenai

Just before  you get to Homer, it is almost mandatory you stop here. Everyone does! This is looking back up the Kenai, the Spit is on the other side.
 I was really impressed by the veggies in the gardens at this rest stop. I was even more impressed when I  they are for the food bank in Homer.
 These flowers are off in the embankment. Pushkey (not sure how to spell that!) is the white  one and it is VERY not nice if you get it on your skin!
 At Land's End you see people fishing (for junk fish, but they are a lot of fun for the kids to catch) and gulls (this area has what is called a gut chute). The boats scared up clouds of birds when they blew past.
 This area is the first spot you can stop at on the Spit. It used to have a few trees and I played out there with my sister. We'd dig holes in the sand, find clams, play with the tiny Irish lords mum caught and had a great time in our little black boots with the red stripe on top.
 This is a sign I am just tired of. EVERYWHERE in Alaska you find these signs. I sort of understand why they exist, but we used to play on this beach all the time (we'd bike down and hang out on the river or the beach) and it was free. The saddest part is how little the river is used now since it is closed to serious fishing. You can still catch some things to keep, but not like we used to.
 Fisherfolk out in the Inlet arrive at the Anchor River beach in their boats and get hauled in by one of these.
 Mum, watching the gulls.

 The mountain Iliamna is across from Anchor Point.
 This is an iconic bridge. I crossed it on bike, on foot, and in cars often when I was in 4th and 5th grade. The Anchor River was the perfect playground and up the hill from the river near the Inn was an old gravel pit with a pond. And a raft....
 looking down the river-

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