Friday, June 20, 2014

Exit Glacier

Exit Glacier is a glacier I got to climb on when I was much younger. Since we were in the Seward area, I wanted to see it again. So, I left mum and JaLeen in the car for just a minute. Or several, as it turned out. When I was in HS, this glacier was a very short walk away and provided a great place to climb. Now, it is a park. The trails are mostly paved and there are signs everywhere. I figured I'd walk a little ways in,just to see what I could see.
 Every so often there would be a sign with a year on it. Those signs showed where the glacier was at that particular place in time. The last sign before you almost reach the edge of the glacier was 1961. I had determined (before I knew there weren't any signs) to walk to the 80's. I was not expecting it to be so far away. Some locals I met suggested the spot below was probably about where the edge was around that time.

I was as close as I was going to get was a long hike and I still wasn't at the edge yet! I did find someone to take a photo of me with the glacier. Funniest part? The last time I was photographed with this ice, I was on TOP of it and waving to my uncle!
 One of the washes left by the receding ice. Not only has it shrunk lengthwise, it has shrunk from side to side, too.
 A great view of the wash and the water coming from the melted ice of the glacier.
 Mum and JaLeen.
 Not sure if you can see this larger, but it is a great overview of the glacier. Do follow the highlighted link at the top and if you get a chance to stop in Seward (or before  you get there), take an hour or more and visit this cool spot!

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