Friday, June 20, 2014

Seward SeaLife Center: Part 2

The Alaska SeaLife Center is a very cool and super amazing spot to visit. It has a small and busy 'petting zoo' with urchins, sea stars, hermit crabs, and anemones. 
 The Center also is the home for several sea lions. This bull is Woody and he  has been the top seal for quite a while.
 There are a couple levels to the center and downstairs you find many creatures in aquariums. Mum has always been a fan of jelly fish.
 This young man is a bull from the Netherlands. His name is Pilot and he'll take over from Woody once he gets old enough. Right now he resides outside in an area used as a learning/teaching area.
 I found this small map very interesting. Sea Lions have a love/hate relationship on the Kenai. They eat fish and often don't even eat all of the salmon they catch. However, they are fun to watch and a lot of study has gone into their species.

 Seward is also a  part of the Iditarod and is the home of many sled dogs.

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