Monday, June 02, 2014

Flute section sightings!

I may have said this before, but it constantly confronts me. Some things are exactly the same and yet, they are totally different. Such as looking out from the new football stands onto the brand new field. Same spot, different view! 

 And walking into the school through this door from the 'student' parking lot looks exactly the same..but it wasn't. I don't recall pretty greenery near the doors!
 This room, however, WAS exactly the same. I was helping to put away a drum set from a jazz/swing dance program I attended and walked in this room and almost dropped the cymbals I was carrying! I had to take two photos and if I could put them together in a panorama shot, I would. I really expected Jeff H. to be acting up with the trombone section and others to be adding their two cents from the percussion area---

 It was fun listening to the KCHS Jazz band and remembering being a part of regular band ages ago in a time far away! (The fundraiser also included the Peninsula Jazz Band--which was stellar!)

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