Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer Solstice, Sunset to Sunrise

The gold inside this experience wasn't from the sun, there was quite a bit of rain off and on while I watched and read. The gold was the experience. It's been a long time since I watched this. It wasn't as amazing as the night the Youth Group from the Baptist church went to Stormy Lake and then McGahn's, but it was beautiful. 
As I said, I read during the darker hours. 'Tatiana'. This book is not your typical story book. Rachel Cooper and Alan Dick wrote this journey of the life of the woman known as Tatiana. It is like a memoir or biography, following the young girl as she runs from a world she knows and loves into uncertainty and a future never imagined. Tatiana and Tazdlin are unlikely companions who grow into lifemates for an adventure beyond story books. Captivating and fascinating, you learn facts from a time period and peoples who lived and died on the far side of Cook Inlet. A perfect story to read while gazing at the mountains and the waters of my home and theirs. 
 I arrived at one of my favorite beaches just before midnight. The sky was lit up with color. 

I wasn't sure if the ship was going to leave the dock or not. It did! I was reading and realised a shape outside was different. I propped the camera up on the door mirror and hoped for the best. It isn't 'best', but it is interesting! This was after 2 AM. 
 I finished 'Tatiana' about 250 and went out to stretch my legs. It was a bit more chilly than I expected. I took lots of photos-they are almost as bad or worse than the one of the ship! The water was really high and I managed to find a skewed heart before my fingers froze off!
I knew I needed to get back to the house by 4 (night nursing) and stopped at Arness Dock to see the color start to return to the almost the same place it didn't quite retreat from!
 I was hoping for a non lake photo, but at almost 5 Am, this was pretty awesome. I'm glad I had this opportunity to chase the solstice. I wasn't expecting all the raindrops in between, it all worked out!
Blessings on your summer season!

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