Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Piper pal tiptoeing thru the rushes-
 Baby mallards of assorted sizes. There are not quite as many as there were. There are not as many as there were when I took these photos on June 19! As I've mentioned, predators love duckling. One of the babies can't walk very well, I keep thinking I need to catch it to give to Janet.

 Baby Golden Eye. These guys don't nest on the ground. They nest high in trees. When the babies hatch, the momma duck chirps at them from below. They are expected to tumble out of the hollow onto the ground, where they collect themselves and toddle off to the nearby waters. Thankfully, these families will adopt  if mommas go missing or babies get lost.

This little guy is a white crowned sparrow. They look much more streamlined as mature birds!!! 
 They also wiggle a great deal! Birds of assorted feather are everywhere, if I can only catch a few with the camera!

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