Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Deadly Beauty

You can't really tell from the photos, but this giant predator was only feet from the house. I went out and watched him for a couple of hours. I also took about 70 plus photos with my point and shoot-Which is obvious in many of these shots. When the bird was perched on this snag, you could tell it was wet. Really wet. It sat in the chill wind and sunshine to dry off. Many of my photos are similar-I did sneak closer and closer, til I was almost directly under him. He wasn't afraid of me. Eventually, he was dry and flew down to the lily pad portion of the lake. Some of the ducks were outside of the greens and he struck. I managed to take several really very bad photos of his snacking, only one is posted. It was across the lake around 1030 pm and the eagle was eating rapidly. After he finished, he flew the length of the lake again, lowering his talons on families of  ducks who dove (maybe why the bird was wet in the first place??). However, he soared back down to the lily pads and I am pretty sure got another baby. I watched it in a tree and when I lost sight of it, there was a LOT of noise.  I reckon this particular bird will hang around for a while. I didn't see the osprey or immature eagle and I only saw one loon today. These babies aren't going to last long. 
I can't find who said this, but it is true: "Nature is not family friendly." 



                                                                    A baleful look!

                                  Duckling on a branch? I think I will. Delicious, who is next?

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