Saturday, October 29, 2016

Recycled Halloween-

I saw this somewhere on the internet. NOT Pinterest, I don't go there. The idea was to make votive holders or whatever they are called for Halloween. Many of them were elaborate. I wanted simple. Then, I found this one. (I don't have a link. I'm not even sure it HAD a link. I may have adapted what I found and gone from there!)
Recycling for Halloween
Easy Glass Votives
This is a simple idea you can use for any reason. You find a pattern you want (bat) and trace it out on painter's tape. 
 After it is cut out, affix to the glass jar. Make sure the bottom is the top!!!!! UNLESS you use real candles.

 I asked to have the jars painted black. Alas, there wasn't any black spray paint. The two different jars are two different colors....
 CAREFULLY peel off the painter's tape (you can't see very well this step. But, the jars are sans tape and the orange one has a tealight in it). Put battery operated tea lights under each glass and let them shine! These particular lights flicker. They also have lights which change color. Go wild!
 This isn't a good photo-You can't even SEE the light shining inside. But, it looks pretty cool in real life. AND they are still recyclable. Next year, I will do bats again and maybe cats and have the jars match in color and size.
The very best part of these? The rain and wind won't put out the candles!

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