Monday, October 10, 2016

Jon's Busy Weekend

Having technology is a wonderful thing! Not being there for deer season this year or anything else so far, Jon sent photos of  "Hiking with Guns for 6 Days". (the sign I just found online--I rather liked it!)

The email Jon sent the photos in had the subject of  'Deer Mom.' The accompanying sentence was succinct and to the point. 
Hi mom, here are pictures of my deer,dad, cooked rabbit, and an elk shed I just found today. (Monday)

He was home, ready to enjoy one of those ridiculous frozen pizzas he insists on eating, when he got a call to practice cutting up cars. Rachelle posted these on FB and said I could take them. (Big thank you hug to Rachelle!!!) I didn't get the video, but it is on FB and I was tagged in it. And since Jon does not do social media, he has to have me tag along. (oooooh, pun!)  

I am very proud of you, Jonathan! If I can get a zucchini, I'll bake a chocolate zuch cake next week. And probably cookies (are there any chocolate chips in the cupboard?).....and a dinner that is not frozen pizza!

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