Friday, September 22, 2017

Jon's Alaska-Tuesday and Wed

Once again, a long post of photos-I do hope you enjoy them! These are mostly mine, with a couple here and there by Jon. 
 He worked more on Tuesday with Randall and went on the lake again. He spent much of the day dinking around. Which he really enjoys doing! He also enjoys fishing, though-and the next days were full. Jonathan got a fishing license for 3 days.
This is the bridge over the Swanson River out by Capt Cook State Park. It is the place to catch silvers. Mum has done this many times. Now, her grandson would try his luck.
While we were out there on Tuesday evening, we met the man who created this. I need to find one for Jon, because it was cool speaking to the old guy who made this one possible. It appears it was crafted on the Swanson! 

 Almost ready to go-
 It is morning and he is not thrilled with having his photo taken this early~It was about 830 am.
Jon took a lovely view of the morning river as well as a couple of other things. 

 This is his first Alaskan salmon. It looks uninviting, the second run of silvers seem a little older in their cycle. Not all of them caught were this aged. Never-the-less, it was fileted for him and the people on the bridge helped him get it up to the road and all in all, he was VERY excited! (we ate part of it on Thursday night, it wasn't bad at all! Not a peak red, but still nice.)

 He was out there for almost 12 hours on this lovely sunny day- The Fellowship of the Bridge is a thing!
 I bugged mum into going out to see what Jon was up to as the afternoon waned. I think she enjoyed herself. We were there for about 30 min.

 The river at the end of the day was pretty full. Most of the regulars were gone-They fish on the tide. Jon decided to do that the next two days.
 This is also something that surprised mum. She's never seen seals in the Swanson before. They are not nice to anyone who fishes!

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