Friday, September 15, 2017

Good things!

The rain makes the birds braver than usual. Even the chickadees were fluttering around the feeder. They didn't get too close to mum, but the nuthatches were great fun. 

THIS was not a good thing, but it is sort of funny. I went out searching for this paper several times on Sunday. Every hour, I went and looked and couldn't find it. Do you see it????? It is wrapped in orange. The newspaper folk seem to not know where the box is. It has only been inside it once in the last week! 
 THIS is the VERY BEST THING EVER! Yes, I am shouting. I am so excited to have a library card for Kenai again!!!
 I have several of this author in Oregon. AND the ones next to  her books--Peck. I was glad to see Alaskan stories have a state motif on them. I can't remember the authors of all the ones I read as a teen!!!!
 This is one of my favorite authors. I was so glad to see some of her work was still around. I'm looking for another one by her. I also have a book coming via the mail from a different part of Alaska. I do adore books!!!!!! (in case anyone wondered!)
These are from Oregon. Jon and Steve are turning this old horse trailer into a place to store firewood and some other things. 
Jon's newest toy. He calls it Bob, which reminds me of his grandpa. Rod used to call white cats 'Whitey' and black ones 'Blackie' and so on! 
Jon is coming to visit Alaska this next week. More updates as we get them! 

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